Media and Outreach

Below are online versions of print, radio, and video pieces related to the publications of my colleagues and mine.

In-Depth Articles (Magazine articles, science briefs, commentary, etc)
May 20 2022 Future Ecologies Podcast Model Citizens: Bearly Legal (Part 2) A thoughtful and nuanced look into the North American Model of Conservation, Decolonial alternatives to it, and relevant research our team has done in this area.
April 25 2022 Hakai Magazine How to Decolonize Conservation (Discusses our paper: Decolonial Model of Environmental Management and Conservation: Insights from Indigenous-led Grizzly Bear Stewardship in the Great Bear Rainforest)
July 23 2020 The Narwhal Heiltsuk’s decision to close fishery on B.C. coast amid COVID-19 earns international attention (Related to our letter: A community-led approach to COVID-19)
January 23 2020 Mongabay Canada working towards new future for Indigenous-led conservation
November 29 2019 Globe and Mail The problem with bears in our backyards isn’t a bear problem at all; it’s a human one
November 27 2019 The Narwhal How a resurgence in Indigenous governance is leading to better conservation
August 24 2018 Globe and Mail B.C.’s approach to wildlife management needs major ethical reform
August 16 2018 Outside Online How to Save a Grizzly Bear from Hunters. Maybe.
April 5 2018 Desmog Canada Seeking the Science Behind B.C.’s Wolf Cull
March 8 2018 Outside Online Is North American Wildlife Management Science-Based?
March 7 2018 The Scientist Science Behind Hunting Quotas Unavailable: Study
March 7 2018 Motherboard Most Hunt Management Plans Aren’t Based in Science
November 12 2017 Times Colonist Comment: End all grizzly-bear hunting throughout B.C.
August 25 2017 Motherboard A Guy Punched a Black Bear in the Face When It Tried to Break Into a House (Subtitle better represents article: Human-black bear conflict is on the rise. It’s a sad story—for the bears.)
August 2017 BioScience The Complex Business of Sustainable Exploitation of Wildlife
July 18 2017 Canadian Geographic Bear hair research reveals importance of grizzlies’ salmon diet
May 31 2016 Association for the protection of fur-bearing animals Cause and effect of conflict
May 18 2016 Yellowstone’s grizzlies have made an incredible recovery. Now we have to learn to live with them
May 17 2016 Hakai Magazine Human-Grizzly Conflict Is Fuelled by Desperation
August 17 2015 Coast Mountain News Nuxalk Nation hosts informative Nan (Grizzly) and T’la (Black) Bear Day
June 2015 Kootenay Mountain Culture Ursus Urgentus – The Fate of BC’s Mighty Grizzly
October 24 2014 Maclean’s Grizzly toll: B.C’s controversial trophy bear hunt
April 11 2014
Huffpost British Columbia B.C. Grizzly Hunt Bolstered By Spurious Science
April 7 2014 The Conversation The grizzly outlook for hunted bears in Canada
March 24 2014 Scientific American Canadian Grizzly Bears Face Expanded Hunt (Originally published in Nature News)
March 21 2014 Nature News Canadian grizzly bears face expanded hunt
February 7 2014 The Ecologist Overkill – trophy hunting slams BC’s Grizzly bears
December 4 2013 The Starfish Bearing progress: Universities join the call for better management of B.C.’s grizzly bear populations.
November 27 2013 Gulf Island Tides Trophy Hunting: Unbearable
November 11 2013 Slate Magazine Is Hunting Grizzlies Really Sporting?
November 8 2013 David Suzuki Foundation Biology, not politics, must drive B.C. grizzly bear management
November 7 2013 The Starfish We can’t let British Columbia’s grizzly bears disappear
November 7 2013 Vancouver Sun B.C.’s promotion of grizzly hunt is ideological, not scientific

News articles
March 8 2018 Radio Canada Study finds dearth of ‘fundamental science’ in wildlife management
March 8 2018 NPR Study Questions Science Behind Hunting Management Plans
March 7 2018 Toronto Star Most wildlife management in Canada and U.S. lacks ‘fundamental’ science, study finds
March 7 2018 Global News Study questions how much science governments use in wildlife management
March 7 2018 Wildlife conservation in North America may not be science-based after all
March 7 2018 Vancouver Sun Study queries how much science behind government wildlife management (Syndicated at National Post, Times Colonist, Metro News, Brandon Sun, and Yahoo News)
June 22 2017 DeSmog Canada Fishy Bears are Fitter Bears, Says Study that Maps Vital Connection Between Bears and Salmon
June 2 2016 CBC B.C. auditor general to look into grizzly hunt
June 2 2016 Vancouver Sun B.C. will require grizzly hunters to remove meat, predicts wildlife federation
May 18 2016 CBC Low salmon stocks cause increased interactions between bears and humans: study
May 18 2016 Metro News Low salmon runs lead to increased human-bear conflicts: B.C. study
May 17 2016 Vancouver Sun Grizzly kills don’t reduce human-bear conflicts, B.C. study finds (Syndicated at The Province)
November 8 2015 The Province Is B.C.’s trophy hunt for grizzly bears bad business?  (Syndicated at the National Post)
October 31 2015 Times Colonist Comment: Pack it out’ plan for grizzly hunts doesn’t work (See supporting figure)
February 4, 2015 Vancouver Observer Lack of rigorous science to support B.C.’s grizzly bear trophy hunt
October 6 2014  
Metro News  SFU researcher warns of ‘risky’ Grizzly trophy hunt
April 12 2014  The Province B.C.’s expanded grizzly hunt underway as scientists duel over bear numbers
April 2 2014 Globe and Mail British Columbia’s controversial spring grizzly bear hunt now open
March 24 2014 Seattle PI Global spotlight on British Columbia grizzly bear kill
March 23 2014 Vancouver Sun Grizzly hunt fails test of science, experts say
January 17 2014 The Now News Coquitlam students plan protest
January 10 2014 Coast Mountain News New study claims bear watching more profitable than hunting
December 18 2013 The Townsman Province proposes grizzly hunting around Kimberley
December 6 2013 Seattle PI Green light for expanded grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia
December 6 2013 Globe and Mail  Biologists warn against proposal to expand grizzly bear hunt
November 15 2013 Kootenay News Advertiser Study shows overkilling of grizzly bear population
November 7 2013 Grizzly bear management is too risky
November 7 2013 Livescience Grizzlies Being Overhunted in British Columbia, Study Suggests
November 6 2013 Vancouver Sun Hunting of grizzlies, especially females, exceeds B.C. government targets: new study
November 6 2013 Times Colonist Study suggests grizzly bear hunts are threatening their numbers in B.C.
November 6 2013 Globe and Mail Grizzly bear kill limits being broken across B.C., study says
November 6 2013 CBC Grizzly bears overhunted in B.C., say researchers (see video below)
November 6 2013 Metronews  Hunters ‘overkill’ grizzlies in B.C., study finds

March 28 2018 Defender Radio Interview about “Hallmarks of science missing from North American wildlife management”
March 9 2018 CBC As It Happens Interview about role of science in North American wildlife management (starts at 1:08:30)
May 18 2016 CBC Early Edition with Rick Cluff Interview about links between grizzly-bear human conflict, human-caused kills, and salmon
May 17 2016 The Drive with Terry Moore Interview about grizzly-bear human conflict, human-caused kills, and salmon (starts at 7:38)
April 23 2014 Phare Ouest Interview about uncertainty in grizzly hunt (in french)
April 1 2014 Bill Good Show One hour show on the grizzly bear hunt in BC
March 26 2014 BC Almanac  Interview about science and expansion of grizzly bear hunt in BC (starts at 24:35)
December 1 2013 Vancouver Co-op Radio Red-eye  Interview about science of hunt
November 8 2014 Bill Good Show Interview about science of grizzly hunt
November 7 2013 CFAX On-Air with Pamela McCall Interview with Dr. Chris Darimont about science of grizzly hunt
November 6 2013 CBC On the Coast Interview about science of grizzly hunt

December 9 2013 Global News Province proposes opening up grizzly bear hunt in two more areas
November 8 2013 CTV NewsBC Grizzly Population at Risk
November 6 2013 CBC News at 6 Grizzly bears overhunted in BC
November 6 2013 Global News Trophy hunting driving populations to decline?

Science mobilization and policy
April 17 2019 Expert witness to the Senate Committee Hearings on Bill C-48: An Act respecting the regulation of vessels that transport crude oil or persistent oil to or from ports or marine installations located along British Columbia’s north coast

Our work has also informed discussion in the BC Provincial Legislature:
March 6 2014 Debates of the legislative assembly (Hansard)  (starting at section 1505 of document)
Mach 10 2014 Debates of the legislative assembly (Hansard) (from beginning of document) 

And prompted a position statement from the Provincial New Democrat Party:
November 8 2013  BC NDP Press Release 

Other outreach

More outreach related to the work of my colleagues can be seen at the Reynolds lab, Chris Darimont’s Applied Conservation Science lab, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and the Hakai Network.